Alumni - Where are they now?

100% of our graduates are employed in positions in academia, government, the private sector or as independent consultants.

As a result of their high achievement, our graduates have been highly sucessful on the job market. See below the PhD graduates of our programs along with the titles of their dissertations and their initial or current employment.

Doctoral Student Job Placement



Jodi M. Winship, PhD, December 2019
Ahmed Alquthami, PhD, MD, MHSA, August 2019
Lauryn S. Walker, PhD, May 2019
Steven P. Masiano, PhD, December 2018
Carrie A. Miller, PhD, MPH, December 2018
Mandar V. Bodas, PhD, August 2018
Megan E. Peter, PhD, August 2018
Robert T. Braun, PhD, August 2018
Carrie Dolan, PhD, August 2017
Jeanine Guidry, PhD, August 2017
Anushree Vichare, PhD, August 2017
Dana L. Ladd, PhD, December 2016
Michelle Laws, PhD, December 2016
Laura Cartwright, PhD, August 2016
Jennifer St. Clair Russell, PhD, August 2016
Wafa W. Tarazi, PhD, MHPA, August 2016
Ali Bonakdar Tehrani, PhD, MPH, May 2016
Anthony Molisani, PhD, December 2015
Omar El Shahawy, PhD, August 2015
Cecilia E. Barbosa, PhD, MPH, MCP, December 2014
Utkarsh B. Subnis, PhD, December 2014
Heather Morris, PhD, August 2014
Ellyn Leighton-Herrmann, PhD, May 2014
L. Aubree Shay, PhD, December 2013
Lindsey (Kurland) Saul, PhD, May 2013



Dannielle Kelley, MPH, Spring 2013
Elizabeth Do, MPH, Spring 2012
Heather Traino, Ph.D., MPH, 2012
Laura Cartwright (Kuhn), December 2011
Luisa Soaterna, MPH
Allison Sepulveda, MPH
Jennifer Palazzolo, MPH, 2011
Megan Sweat Lopes, MPH, Spring 2011
Tamara Scott, MPH, 2010