Ahmed Alquthami, M.D., M.H.S.A.

Ahmed Alquthami

In 1994, Ahmed joined King Abdulaziz University School of Medicine in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to obtain his medical degree, which he completed within six years. After that he worked as a medical intern in King Fahad General Hospital where he conducted many advanced procedures, such as colonoscopy and liver biopsy for patients. After that he worked in King Abdulaziz University Hospital as a pediatric intern, subsequently as an emergency medicine intern, then as an ophthalmology intern. Afterwards, he went back to King Fahad General Hospital and worked as a surgical intern where he conducted many complex operative procedures, some as a primary surgeon. Later, he completed an obstetrics and gynecology internship in Maternity and Child Hospital in Jeddah. Next he joined the King Fahad Security Academy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he obtained the officer's commission diploma and became an appointed officer, with a rank of first lieutenant.

In 2002, he also worked with the King Faisal Specialist Hospital as a neurosurgical resident for two years where he conducted many procedures, such as meningioma removal, cranioplasty, Barr holes and other operations. During that period, he supervised the flight aviation clinic in the Civil Defense Aviation Base in Mekkah province. His duties ranged from administrative to clinical and public health of the base. After that, he was transferred to Washington DC to work in the Royal Saudi Arabian Armed Office, once completed he returned to the Civil Defense Aviation Base where he was appointed head of Medical Evaluation Department that required the constant overlook of flight aircrew health and fitness levels for flight operations. After that he was promoted to become Director of Health Services department, which was a leadership role where he directed and supervised health professionals and military personnel. Then he was awarded a scholarship by his employer to study the masters in health service administration at the George Washington University. During that period, he joined multiple professional organizations, such as the health financial management association (FHMA), American college of health executives (ACHE), and healthcare information and management systems society (HIMSS) where he is still a member.

In 2010, he obtained the Educational Commission for Foreign Medial Graduates Certificate that indicates completion of all U.S. requirements of an M.D. In 2012, he became a research intern in the center of health care quality, at the George Washington University where he worked on numerous projects with Dr. Pines. After that he conducted a whole year as a research fellow in health policy/emergency medicine in the Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) where he traveled several times to Saudi Arabia to conduct survey research of public officials and collect raw data for analysis.

In 2015, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the Security Aviation of the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia. His research interests are disaster management, emergency management, quality and process improvement, medical mass gatherings, efficiency of resource utilization, the Hajj, and neurodegenerative disease.

Published articles: Alquthami AH, Pines JM. A systematic review of noncommunicable health issues in mass gatherings. Prehosp Disaster Med. 2014;29(2):167-75. Al-quthami A, Albloushi A, Alquthami AH. Dysphagia aortica with left atrial compression. Vasc Med. 2015;20(3):266-7.