Carrie A Miller, M.P.H.

Carrie Miller is a doctoral student in Social and Behavioral Sciences.  She obtained her Master of Public Health from VCU in 2013.  As part of her recently completed master’s degree, Carrie spent one month in South Africa helping conduct a community-engaged research project.  The research and cultural exchange project, Building Global Bridges, was directed by Dr. Mosavel of the Department of Health Behavior and Policy.  Carrie also assisted with the research of her academic advisor, Dr. Elston Lafata, including an evaluation of colorectal cancer screening behavior among community-dwelling residents of southeast Virginia, and completed a research practicum focused on weight, weight perception and engagement in physical activity.  Prior to graduate school, Carrie worked in a variety of clinical research roles in the private and public sectors.  Her research interests involve the intersection of health and social, behavioral and psychological factors.  She is specifically interested in health promotion and preventive services, especially cancer prevention and control.  Ultimately, Carrie hopes to use the knowledge gained from her work and academic experiences to direct multi-level interventions to promote positive health behavior change in underserved populations.