Kofoworola Williams, M.P.H.

In August of 2014, Williams received her BS in Biology and her Certificate of Advanced Study in Global Health from Syracuse University. She went on to Drexel University’s David and Dana Dornsife School of Public Health where she obtained her Master of Public Health in June of 2016.

Presently, Williams is a doctoral student in Social and Behavioral Sciences. She is a graduate research assistant under the supervision of her advisor, Dr. Kellie Carlyle, whose work addresses areas in interpersonal/dating violence, health communication in the media, and health disparities. Williams’s research interests are rooted in African American men’s health. She is interested in examining how the media influences social constructions of race and masculinity to negatively affect African American (AA) men through their life course. Williams hopes to gain skills integral to program planning, implementation, and evaluation, allowing her to develop a program of research centered on men’s health promotion initiatives that are evidence-based and attractive to African American boys and men.

Williams recently received an institutional award from the Southern Regional Education Board’s Doctoral Scholars Program. The Doctoral Scholars Program provides support services to minority students who are in pursuit of their doctorate and will be seeking faculty positions after graduating. With her doctorate, Williams aspires to be an advocate for African American men’s health and an inspiration for women of color.