Scholar Experiences

"The VCU-Bolashak International Scholarship Program gives a great opportunity to our scholars to build strong, creative relationships with American colleagues on the basis of friendship and mutual understanding for the benefit of our countries. It is very important in light of globalization!  Every day is full of new things, not just only acquiring knowledge, but also making new friends, meeting with outstanding people, and participating in different events.  I strongly believe that all the experiences during my internship I will be able apply in my work. I hope that future Bolashak scholars will come and enjoy the great benefits of studying at VCU."
Dr. Karlygash Absattarova (mentor: Dr. Askar Chukmaitov)

"My internship at VCU is great! I have started to work with the endoscopy - laparoscopy operation in Gynecology. U.S. medicine uses a minimally invasive endoscopy operation to help patients for faster recovery by making small incisions on the skin. Furthermore, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology uses robotic da Vinci Surgery System. I am using instruments and techniques I have never seen before."
Dr. Gulmira Aldiyarova (mentors: Dr. John Pierce and Dr. Ellen Brock)

"I came from Kazakhstan with the hope to improve my knowledge of health care management. I want to know more about the health care system in the U.S. in order to compare the American and Kazakh systems and obtain better experience in the field to implement in my country. I am very interested to learn about new approaches used in the quality of medical practice and infection control. I think that gaining knowledge in health administration and health policy will greatly benefit my career when I return to Kazakhstan. I am very grateful to my colleagues at VCU, and I hope our collaboration will continue in the future."
Dr. Raushan Karabayeva (mentor: Dr. Gene Peterson)

"I like my life at VCU and in Richmond. The VCU provided me a good opportunity to improve my English with the English Language Program. I met good friends from many countries and now I know more about other countries and their citizens than ever before. My teachers from the ELP program were open minded, creative and professional.  I am very happy to be learning new principles and  techniques on the MCV campus in the Neuroscience laboratory with my colleagues and Dr. James Bennett."
Dr. Meiram Shakenov (mentor: Dr. James Bennett)

"I think this experience will help me to prove myself a highly qualified specialist in the field of healthcare policy. The knowledge and experience gained during the internship will allow me to build my life’s professional trajectory and enable me to become a valued participant in implementing strategic policy reforms in my country in the field of healthcare."
Dr. Gulmira Yermakhanova (mentor: Dr. Askar Chukmaitov)