Postdoctoral Training in Cancer Prevention and Control

Grant No. 2T32CA093423

The VCU Massey Cancer Center offers a postdoctoral training program in cancer prevention and control research.

This two-year flexible program is funded by the National Institutes of Health, offering salaries and research seed money while preparing fellows for an academic career.

Training is targeted to individuals in the social sciences (psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology), public health, biostatistics and those who have completed their clinical requirements for specialty training in medicine and nursing.

The program is structured to foster transdisciplinary research, something we believe is a precondition to conducting research in this field. The predoctoral training component aims to recruit potential future investigators to this research area at the earliest time in their careers.

The flexible two- to three-year postdoctoral training component provides young investigators with integrated but focused training to conduct fundamental and interventional studies in cancer prevention and control.

VCU is uniquely positioned to provide this training because of its role as a safety net hospital, the population it serves and its standing as a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center. To apply go to: