Research Environment

VCU has a history of substantial sponsored research support, including more than $270 million during fiscal year 2015. Our strong partnership with VCU Health and other VCU departments provides our students with many opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration, instruction, financial support and mentorship.

Our department faculty are dedicated to furthering research that advances understanding of behavioral and policy issues that affect health and results in significant contributions to the national healthcare and policy agenda. Faculty members currently pursue regional, national and international research agendas. Students are encouraged to participate in faculty research as well as develop independent research interests. Departmental assistance is provided for students seeking independent research funding.

Doctoral students also have many opportunities to present their original research at VCU, including: the Forbes Colloquium, the Watts Research Symposium, Women’s Health Research Day and the annual Graduate Research Symposium. These events, sponsored by the School of Medicine and the Office of Research and Innovation, are attended by VCU students and faculty, local media, legislators and the community. Additionally, financial assistance is provided for students to present original research at local and national conferences.

Institutes and centers showcasing VCU’s interdepartmental and interschool interactions include: