Dr. Bernard Fuemmeler receives the James F. Zimmerman Award from University of New Mexico Alumni Association

January 31, 2019

The University of New Mexico Alumni Association has announced the recipients of the prestigious 2018 Winter Awards. The recipients include Bernard Fuemmeler, Amy Wohlert, Bradford Zeikus and Christian Koops. 

“We are proud to honor the 2019 Winter Award recipients for their outstanding accomplishments, achievements, distinguished service, and inspiring leadership,” said Dana Allen, vice president of Alumni Relations and executive director of the UNM Alumni Association. “This year’s recipients have made significant positive impacts on their communitiesand we are very proud of our alumni award recipients for their dedication to the Alumni Association, the University and the community. They proudly remind us that, at UNM, each of us defines all of us.”

UNM Alumni Association announces 2019 Winter Award honorees