HBP Postdoc Receives Independent Research Award

October 14, 2019

Dr. Autumn Lanoye has been awarded the VCU Postdoctoral Independent Research Award (PIRA).  The award provides VCU postdocs an opportunity to pursue independent lines of scientific inquiry. The goal is to assist postdocs in establishing themselves as independent researchers. This award will provide funds for participant recruitment, participant honorariums, and both self-report and performance-based measures of cognitive functioning.

Dr. Lanoye's project "Mind-Body Intervention for Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment (CRCI)  in Breast Cancer Survivors (BCS)" will assess attitudes and preferences of BCS toward exercise and mindfulness-based treatments for reducing CRCI and investigate potential differences in these preferences based on BCS demographics. The second purpose of the proposed project is to develop and pilot a behavioral intervention for BCS experiencing CRCI informed by these results and incorporating aspects of both physical activity and mindfulness.