Research spotlights


Addressing modifiable breast cancer risk factors

Dr. Maria Thomson's project CONECT (Connect Online to Engage Change Tool) is designed to pilot test an existing lifestyle modification intervention for weight loss for women with overweight or obesity in the context of mammography screening. 

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Maternal obesity and child weight gain

Dr. Fuemmeler is conducting a study, “Maternal Obesity, Child Executive Functions and Child Weight Gain,” to better understand why children are prone to gain weight early in life with the goal of identifying factors that contribute to this pattern.

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Alumni profile: Lindsey Saul (Ph.D. ’13)

Since graduating from VCU with a Ph.D. in social and behavioral health, Lindsey Saul has taken a career path straight to the Pentagon. 


HIV care in the U.S. South

A multidisciplinary study examines how modifiable system-level factors affect quality of HIV care and health outcomes in 16 Southern states.

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E-cigarette advertising’s impact on youth

Study wants to inform policy on e-cigarette marketing to youth.

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Understanding caregiver burden in cancer

Multisite study aims to identify ways to provide support to families.

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Novel approaches to weight loss

REACH Trial is the first large-scale randomized controlled trial to investigate behavioral weight loss programs designed specifically for emerging adults.

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Community-­led wellness project in Petersburg

Community is involved in the project to help residents with their health and wellness journey. 

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Doctor with patient

Cancer trial communications

Clinical trials have resulted in enormous strides in cancer patient treatment in the past 30 years, leading to advanced care and — even better —more cancer survivors.

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ACA hospital

The ACA and hospital utilization

Safety net hospitals are often the go-to healthcare resource for low-income and uninsured patients.
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Analyzing Accountable Care Organizations

ACOs are legal entities made up of providers who work together to manage and coordinate care for Medicare patients.
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Public health insurance coverage

Medicaid coverage may affect the rate of women seeking breast and cervical screenings.
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Navigating health insurance choices

Uninsured Virginians face hurdles in choosing healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act. 
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