Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Department of Health Behavior and Policy condemns racism in all forms and recognizes that systemic racism undermines the primacy of human dignity and respect.

Our department embraces differences in human experience as a driver of learning, compassion and change, and we continuously strive for our workplace and learning environment to be a place of dignity, professionalism, mutual respect and inclusivity. This will be accomplished by acknowledging past and potential mistakes and embracing opportunities to reflect and improve. Open communication and discussion are encouraged.

  • As educators and mentors, we support all our learners in achieving their professional goals, regardless of background, culture or socioeconomic status.
  • As researchers, we actively work towards diversifying our scientific endeavors to ensure that research benefits those who have been historically disadvantaged or lack representation.
  • As learners, we seek to understand the cause and effect of negative institutional structures of discrimination and their impact on the lives of those in our community and nation. We will be vigilant in our pursuit of knowledge so that we may mobilize it to determine comprehensive solutions to present-day and future problems in society and health.
  • As colleagues and peers, we work to ensure that every member of our academic community is respected and valued for who they are and for the qualities they bring to our education, research, and community engagement endeavors.